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Zajęcia w ramach specjalizacji Experimental Social Psychology

Dear Students of years 4 and 5 of the Polish program(s) in psychology (day studies, evening studies , MISH, MISMaP, Erasmus and other exchange Students),

We would like to invite you to take part in courses offered within the Experimental Social Psychology specialization. We offer places on the following courses:

1) ESP: Conflict, Mediation, Negotiations – lecture (prof. Johanna Vollhardt) DETAILS
2) ESP: Conflict, mediation, negotiations – seminar (dr Rafał Morek) DETAILS
3) ESP: Quantitative methods in Social Psychology (dr Magdalena Rowicka) DETAILS
4) ESP: Interpersonal relationships (mgr Dorota Jasielska) DETAILS
5) ESP: Neuropsychological methods in Social Psychology – lecture (prof. Emilia Łojek, dr Agnieszka Pluta) DETAILS
6) ESP: Advanced Statistical Methods: Discrete Variables – lecture (dr Max Bielecki) DETAILS
7) ESP: Advanced Statistical Methods - discrete variables – workshop (prof. Dariush Arai-Ardakani) DETAILS
8) ESP: Internet Methods in Social Psychology (dr Jan Zając) DETAILS

The detailed schedule of the above classes together with hours and the number of ECTS points assigned to each course are available under this LINK.

Attention! Courses marked as “ESP” belong to the Experimental Social Psychology specialization and are for free (or in case of students of evening studies – you might receive a reduction of your tuition fee)! If you would like to sign up for courses marked as ESP, please contact dr Monika Prusik, the coordinator of the specialization:

Things to remember:
* Students can sign up on the first come - first served basis. If you write/come too late, it might turn out that all the spots are taken.
* Students of the older years, especially 5th-year students, will have priority over younger students as they might not have another chance to take any courses in English next year.
* Before you sign up, please look at the schedule. It is your responsibility to check if your Polish courses do not overlap with the English courses you would like to take.
* Some courses are taught by visiting instructors in a blocked form.

The specialization courses are financed by the European Union within the EU Human Capital Grant to the University of Warsaw Faculty of Psychology. Project title: Career Psychologist: adapting specialization programs and traineeships for students of psychology at UW to job market demands, POKL-243/09.